Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's my mama's birthday today! Instead of being all boring about picking out a gift, I compiled a few mock BirchBoxes I called "MomBox" and stuffed them full of goodies I know she'll like. Included inside: a cute summer tank top, cupcake liners & patterns for decorating them with sprinkles, EOS hand lotion & a mini makeup bag from Le SportSac

I'm glad I got to recycle my Birchboxes in the process, too- they've been piling up in my closet for the past few months! Despite BirchBox being a pretty green company already, I always feel good about re-using things I have around the house :3


  1. Ohmeohmy! This is a positively adorable/brilliant idea dear! I really want to use it!

    1. Thank you! My mom had a similar reaction, I'm glad it was a success (:

  2. This is so creative! I would love to receive one of these. :)


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